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2010-05-15 07:35 pm

[sticky entry] Sticky: Hey there!

Hey there!

I usually go by Kalli or Kallima and was introduced to dreamwidth recently. I'm a big fan of Supernatural, Jensen Ackles, in particular, and the actor has dragged me into many other different tv shows. Dawson's Creek, Dark Angel, all that good stuff.

My entries are going to be mainly private; I'll be using dreamwidth like a diary. But I don't think I'll shy away from posting at communities. I love commenting. Okay, apparently this is a lie. I am much better at lurking than commenting, because most of the time I just want to write "♥" and no other concrit.

I am not so cool at writing fanfiction or manipping art stuffs, so you won't find any of that stuff from me. But I totally rock at cropping, so simple icons are a go!

And I am awesome at prompts! For serious. That's probably how you stumbled over here. Because I am crazy at throwing out prompts. Usually at [community profile] spn_bitesized. (GO VISIT IT. IT IS SUPER COOL.)

If you need to get in contact with me for some reason, just leave a comment! ...I make no promises about replying to PMs, so it's better to just drop a comment here.
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2015-11-24 11:10 pm

Prompts I've Posted!

I think I'm slowly going to page back through [community profile] fic_promptly and post prompts. This is to keep track of them. I'm currently here!

:Author's Choice )

Anita Blake )

Beauty and the Beast )

Buffy the Vampire Slayer )

Calvin and Hobbes )

Charmed )

Dark Angel )


Fruits Basket )


Harry Potter )


Kingdom Hearts )

Losers )

Marvel Cinematic Universe )

Music Man )


Pirates of the Caribbean )

Princess Bride )

Psych )


Supernatural )

Teen Wolf )

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2015-10-06 04:13 pm

*waves shyly*

I miss dreamwidth. My internet social life on facebook isn't as satisfying but I wasn't able to keep both of them up at the same time. I hate it when real life takes precedence.

What is up, world? I'm not super into SPN these days but if there is an awesome community I should be aware of... Though I might start visiting [community profile] fic_promptly again.
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2012-12-16 05:15 am
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Fun With Anagrams!

This site picks out the most entertaining anagram of your name - I've been playing with it and getting some fun answers with my real name as well as my online usernames!

morebutterflys = fury to trembles

Try yours!
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2012-04-20 11:58 pm

Spring Break *\o/*

I have no idea why my spring break is so late this year, but I am so happy that it finally came. I've missed you, dreamwidth. I've missed you, fanfiction. I've missed you, bitesized. I've missed you, supernatural. (After spring break I will probably be saying goodbye to you until summer and I am already making sadfaces.)

So, what's been going on, ladies? Thumbs up or thumbs down on current Supernatural episodes? When is Three Weeks for Dreamwidth? Did I miss it?

EDIT: [community profile] spn_bitesized is so good to me, they have a Niblets round going right now!

Omnomnom Bobby )

I really need to go to bed instead of spamming bitesized. 'Night!
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2012-02-18 12:10 pm

Quick! Froofy shirt prompts needed!

I'm not actually back, [personal profile] anaraine just managed to pique my interest about this [community profile] spn_bitesized theme. She was right. I would have been devastated to miss it. Hurry and post prompts before it closes! (I'll see you in April? Whenever my Spring Break actually is.)

Harlequin! at spn_bitesized
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2011-11-12 07:16 am

Temporary Hiatus

The only real time I've been on DW recently has been for leaving prompts at [community profile] spn_bitesized, so I've decided to just make it official: I'm going offline for a while. Meatspace has gotten really stressful and I don't have the time right now.

If you need to get in touch with me: bug Ana.

If I don't make it back before January: Happy Holidays!
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2011-10-23 09:55 pm

Bubble Bubble, Toil and Trouble...

Halloween at spn_bitesized

I am of the firm belief that everyone should go leave ridiculous AU prompts. So go and unleash the crack. I'm not feeling creative tonight or I would do it.
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2011-09-30 02:30 am

Long time no see, [community profile] spn_bitesized

It's been a while since I've done icons for [community profile] spn_bitesized, mostly because I was doing [community profile] fannish_library_fest and [community profile] ladiesbigbang icons. Which reminds me, I need to archive the f_l_f icons on my journal sometime...

(Week 47 - February 26, 2011)

for [identity profile]'s Buffy/Supernatural; Adam was pulled out of hell too. Dawn is taking care of him. (link)
screaming for help

(Week 76 - September 24, 2011)

for [personal profile] alexseanchai's prompt of Sam, cage (link)

for [personal profile] somnolentblue's prompt of Bobby, tea (link)
something stronger

for [personal profile] too_rational's prompt of Jake Talley: smile (link)
all smiles

for [personal profile] too_rational's prompt of Ben Braeden: 25 (link)
grown up

Feel free to snag!

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2011-09-25 05:53 am

So tired...

Niblets III at spn_bitesized

[community profile] spn_bitesized is having a DW Points Drawing - and this week is Niblets, so only short fills are allowed!

On the [community profile] ladiesbigbang front, I am doing a shitty job. I think I have 50 icons, which actually is pretty good for me since I usually do them in sets of very similar 3, instead of 50 very different icons, but not so good in that I need 150. Probably going to drop out - I forgot that that final drafts were due October 1st.
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2011-06-28 12:51 pm

"Zombies were having fun, The party had just begun, The guests included Wolf Man, Dracula & his son"

Monster Mash at spn_bitesized

I am laaaate. Late late late. BUT [community profile] spn_bitesized LOVES ME ANYWAY. MONSTER MASH. MONSTER MASH. Also check out Madison, she's totes fierce. I love her. (I am not fond of the Sam/Madison tru wuv. Madison is awesome. Sam/Madison canon is blech.)

I am about to start iconning Anna for [community profile] ladiesbigbang. (Okay, in two days.) Any photos/fanart/whatever you particularly like of her?
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2011-06-18 10:30 pm

" There's Gonna Be Some Rockin' " - AC/DC

spn bitesized: music & lyrics

I maybe love this promo. I have a box full of old cassette tapes in my crappy old car. We never saw this box after the first episode though did we?
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2011-06-11 09:53 pm

Ladies BigBang

ladies big bang
[community profile] ladiesbigbang: a female-centric panfanwork big bang challenge.
Optional sign-ups open June 1-30th, final drafts due October 1st.
sign-ups: creators | cheerleaders | betas
info: minimums | rules & guidelines | pinch hitting

...I think I just signed up for doing 150 Anna icons. Eek!
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2011-06-04 07:12 pm

If you give a moose a twitter...

If you haven't already heard Jared Padalecki (of Supernatural fame) recently got a twitter!

video proof! )


If you don't like twitter, you can also hit up the DW feed: [syndicated profile] jarpad_feed

PS. I am currently working on a host of icons in between pool parties. When I finally finish them, be ready to be spammed.

PPS. Shitty youtube and awesome dreamwidth do not mix. This is my grr face.
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2011-05-30 06:18 pm

Happy Memorial Day!

memorial day

Here, have some icons:
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2011-04-29 10:28 pm

Three Weeks for Dreamwidth-ish

I have posted recs for Dark Angel/Supernatural crossovers at [community profile] threeweeks_supernatural, and two icon sets at [community profile] fannish_library_fest: Want to Help Me Write a Book? (Calvin and Hobbes) and When in Doubt, Go to the Library (Harry Potter).

It appears that the [community profile] fannish_library_fest is going to be extended until the end of 3W4DW so tell me what other sets you'd like to see! (Even if you are rehasing something else you've told me before.) You can also go over there and have fun too. I've enjoyed everything posted so far, and it's a really welcoming environment.

3W4DW, Supernatural and CWRPF
Comment Fanworks Meme

I want to do the one with glowsticks. It's not going so well. Go prompt things that can be easily done with icons, you guys. I beg of you.

Also, take a loooooong look at that banner. I usually prefer Ruby 2.0 but WOW. Katie Cassidy is hot.
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2011-04-16 10:05 pm



Shut up, I know I'm late to the party.


I'm pretty much following SPN users only right now, so if you have any shinies you would like to share with me, PLEASE DO.

Oh, yeah, this is me: Mostly I'm going to be reblogging the shinies that catch my eye. ...and I'm contemplating making a "fuckyeahannacrowley" blog.

...this was not what I was supposed to be doing today. Shit.


spn bitesized: bela

Bela is really sexy with short black hair. GO PROMPT.

A friendly reminder! I am posting icons at [community profile] fannish_library_fest daily (with any luck) for the duration of the fest. Posting them on my own blog much, much, later.
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2011-04-09 06:51 am

Fannish Library Fest Approacheth

fannish library fest: april 15-30

It is a lot closer to the date than I would like, tbh. I've only got 3 sets out of 15 done (90 icons) and the miscellaneous bits as I try to fill in the other sets slowly but surely. Between busy, busy life, crappy internet access, and getting distracted while watching shows for piccies, it is very slow going.


[community profile] fannish_library_fest
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2011-03-26 11:06 am

a dream is a wish your heart makes

I have an ungodly love for dollmakers. They are WAY too much fun. The clothes, the colors and SO MANY POSSIBILITIES \o/.


I've been princessified! )