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Prompts I've Posted!

I think I'm slowly going to page back through [community profile] fic_promptly and post prompts. This is to keep track of them. I'm currently here!

author's choice, author's choice, Your soul is calling
author's choice, author's choice, But we'll dance in the dark
author's choice, author's choice, You'll come to me in tears and blame, I'm your future, I'm tomorrow, I'm the end
author's choice, author's choice, You'll come to me in tears and blame, I'm your future, I'm tomorrow, I'm the end
author's choice, author's choice, God only knows what I'd be without you
author's choice, author's choice, I've lived all over the world, I've left every place*
author's choice, author's choice, Her, the only game in town, a queen of competence

Anita Blake, author's choice, the taste of sweat on skin
Anita Blake, Jean-Claude, when something goes exactly as he intended
Anita Blake, Jason Schuyler, being taken care of by someone while sick
Anita Blake, author's choice, preternatural biology
Anita Blake, Asher, thoughts of Julianna and Jean-Claude
Anita Blake, Micah/Nathaniel, comfort

Beauty and the Beast, Belle, learning to read

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angelus, a symphony of screams
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, any Slayer, to sacrifice one for the good of all
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy Summers, running in heels
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy Summers, she's not the best driver
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, author's choice, the first Slayer
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy/Angel/Spike, she's calling the shots

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dawn, lies are easier than the truth

Calvin and Hobbes, Calvin, he's expecting to be ambushed because it's too quiet
Calvin and Hobbes, Calvin, snowman army
Calvin and Hobbes, Hobbes, growing up
Calvin and Hobbes, Suzie Derkins, five perfect tea parties and one disaster

Calvin and Hobbes, Calvin, maniacal laughter*

Charmed, Halliwell sisters, sedate pajama party in the living room while sick
Charmed, Piper Halliwell, She had to find the necklace, before
Charmed, author's choice, they were getting married

Dark Angel, author's choice, the sensitivity of their skin
Dark Angel, Max Guevara, the luxury of chocolate
Dark Angel, Ben & Alec, curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back
Dark Angel, Alec, trucking through the snow on a bike
Dark Angel, Max Guevara, her first motorcycle
Dark Angel, Max/Alec, heat

Dark Angel, Alec, selling black market lace


Fruits Basket, author's choice, Tohru smells like strawberries
Fruits Basket, cursed Sohma members, sleeping in animal form
Fruits Basket, Yuki Sohma, a persistant cough
Fruits Basket, cursed Sohma members, the seconds between animal and human
Fruits Basket, Yuki/Tohru/Kyo, learning to share

Fruits Basket, cursed Sohma members, the language of their animal


Harry Potter, Remus Lupin, being afraid to reach out and touch
Harry Potter, Fleur Delacour, bouillabaisse is a taste of home
Harry Potter, author's choice, sneaking by sleeping portraits
Harry Potter, Minerva McGonagall, graduation
Harry Potter, author's choice, they prefer brooms over portkeys
Harry Potter, author's choice, riding the giant squid
Harry Potter, Rowena Ravenclaw, blue is her color
Harry Potter, author's choice, the Deathly Hallows
Harry Potter, Luna Lovegood, five good friends and one best friend

Harry Potter, Irma Pince, she hates the butchering of Latin to make spells easier for students


Kingdom Hearts, author's choice, the comfort of a familiar touch
Kingdom Hearts, Riku, first time using (the attack command) Sacrifice
Kingdom Hearts, Yuffie, snowball fight
Kingdom Hearts, Sora, parkour through Traverse Town
Kingdom Hearts, author's choice, the freedom of a gummi ship
Kingdom Hearts, author's choice, sharing a Paopu fruit

Kingdom Hearts, Aerith/Leon, a wedding dress with floral lace trim*

The Losers, Lt. Col. Franklin Clay, a job well done
The Losers, Sgt. Linwood Porteous (Pooch), he can drive anything

The Losers, Jake Jensen, lying to his sister and niece

Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tony/Pepper, the scent of her perfume
Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tony Stark, flying in a tin can

The Music Man, Harold Hill, he never planned for someone like Marian
The Music Man, Marian Paroo, trying to talk with Winthrop


Pirates of the Caribbean, Elizabeth Swann, governor's daughter turned king
Pirates of the Caribbean, Syrena, swimming for leagues
Pirates of the Caribbean, Captain Jack Sparrow, stealing a dinghy
Pirates of the Caribbean, author's choice, a beautiful blue sea
Pirates of the Caribbean, Will/Elizabeth/Jack, rum and sodomy

The Princess Bride, Westley, "Good work. Sleep well. I'll most likely kill you in the morning."
The Princess Bride, Vizzini & Fezzik & Inigo Montoya, navigating the waters near Florin
The Princess Bride, Buttercup, a blue gown
The Princess Bride, author's choice, he lived for war
The Princess Bride, Westley/Inigo, pirate

The Princess Bride, Buttercup/Westley, giggling during sex

Psych, Shawn Spencer, "It's all bills, bills, bills. That's my only answer now," he said, pointing to


Supernatural, Sam Winchester, listening to his brother snore
Supernatural, Dean, giving up the last of the lucky charms
Supernatural, Anna Milton, she hadn't planned on disappointing her parents like this
Supernatural, Sam Winchester, college
Supernatural, Dean Winchester, Someone must have seen him, because the police were at his door.
Supernatural, Bela Talbot, five cons that worked perfectly and one that didn't

Supernatural, Ellen/Bobby, she has to laugh or else she'll cry
Supernatural, Lucifer, he doesn't need to lie
Supernatural, Anna/Crowley, speaking in tongues
Supernatural, Bela, lacy underwear

Teen Wolf, author's choice, fear has a scent
Teen Wolf, Derek Hale, his family is dead
Teen Wolf, author's choice, he was the darkness in their life