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Niblets III at spn_bitesized

[community profile] spn_bitesized is having a DW Points Drawing - and this week is Niblets, so only short fills are allowed!

On the [community profile] ladiesbigbang front, I am doing a shitty job. I think I have 50 icons, which actually is pretty good for me since I usually do them in sets of very similar 3, instead of 50 very different icons, but not so good in that I need 150. Probably going to drop out - I forgot that that final drafts were due October 1st.
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Monster Mash at spn_bitesized

I am laaaate. Late late late. BUT [community profile] spn_bitesized LOVES ME ANYWAY. MONSTER MASH. MONSTER MASH. Also check out Madison, she's totes fierce. I love her. (I am not fond of the Sam/Madison tru wuv. Madison is awesome. Sam/Madison canon is blech.)

I am about to start iconning Anna for [community profile] ladiesbigbang. (Okay, in two days.) Any photos/fanart/whatever you particularly like of her?
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ladiesbigbang: a female-centric panfanwork big bang challenge
[community profile] ladiesbigbang: a female-centric panfanwork big bang challenge.
Optional sign-ups open June 1-30th, final drafts due October 1st.
sign-ups: creators | cheerleaders | betas
info: minimums | rules & guidelines | pinch hitting

...I think I just signed up for doing 150 Anna icons. Eek!

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